Looking for ideas for a new painting subject I turned to Greek mythology (There are so many wonderful stories to kick start an artist struggling for inspiration). This painting was loosely inspired by the myth of the goddess Nyx, the primordial goddess of night. I liked the notion that she has a longing for the light (not part of the myth) and have shown her reaching for the sun's warmth but as she is night it will remain out of reach. She could be Twilight. That would have been a good title…

I often come up with ideas for paintings based around a central theme but usually the series starts and ends with the first painting. This is my second Greek Goddess inspired painting in less than a year (I’m on a roll).


Original Painting Details

Size – approx 16in x 15in
Paper – Saunders Waterford 300lb
Paints etc. – ‘Winsor & Newton Artists watercolours’, Lucas Watercolours.


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