My name is Scot. Iíve been a professional artist since the late 90ís. I was born in England and at the tender age of one I emigrated with my family to Australia. This was the first of a series of moves which included time spent living in Indonesia, New Zealand, the US and Switzerland. I now live in the Peak District in Derbyshire where we run a small family business ĎThe Barnstudio', We produce fine art prints, greeting cards etc in a variety of themes including; the English landscape, animals, figures & fantasy.

    Iím driven to be creative, love to paint and am intrigued by art and artists and the way they mould, sculpt, paint etc as a way to express ideas and emotions. I'm inspired by myths, fantasy and imagination. Fantasy allows me to be more creative with design and settings and hopefully lets me produce art that expresses and elicits feeling.

    I hope to use this website as a platform for my Fantasy art and to let others see my creations - I enjoy painting them and would like others to see them too.

    Thank you for stopping by for a look. I hope you enjoy my art :-) If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask


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